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Ventje Dunkelgrau | 3 pers.

Availability and Price

Please note: this Ventje can only be picked up in Hannover. 



  1. Hannover, Germany
  2. Pets allowed
  1. Smokefree HuurVentje
  1. Manual


This Ventje can only be picked up in Hanover.

Living area

  • 4-seater with table, convertible to lounge sofa and bed
  • Luxury sleeping space in roof 
  •  Heating system
  •  Practical storage compartments
  •  Power via household battery (3x 230V sockets & 4x 12V USB chargers)
  •  Ventilation system
  •  Blackout curtains
  •  Dimmable lighting
  •  Toilet 


  •  Large kitchen worktop with sink & 2 cooking rings (with gas cylinder)
  •  Compressor 23L fridge 


  •  Cassette awning
  •  Outdoor chairs and table
  •  Bicycle carrier on hatch
  •  Solar panel 


  •  Full kitchen inventory
  •  Duvet and pillows 


  •  Cruise control

  There is a small chance that you will be given another Ventje, for instance in case of maintenance. This one will then have similar or better specifications.